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Chifa K

Chifa K is a writer, performer and theatre enthusiast who’s work explores identity, relationships and connection. She is currently working on her first solo show at the Roundhouse, 'Cheerleaders', that will explore what it means to leave one’s homeland and the idea of faith-inspired legacies through the use of spoken word and storytelling.

Chifa values the importance of community and giving back to the people behind her work. She hopes to use her art as a platform for aspiring the future generation by expressing oneself in creative ways.

Eating With Alfina

Hi this is Alfina, I’m a typical foodie, snap before I eat, click as I cook, this is dining and beyond…

I’m proud to be supporting Salam Charity who are working tirelessly to lift families and communities out of poverty and hardship. With programmes all across the globe, Salam is working in some of the most hard to reach places in the world providing life saving food, water and shelter.

Ezza Zahoor

Basic necessities such as shelter, water and food are often taken for granted because we are so used to it. Helping people in need has always been something so important to me because we’ve been truly blessed. I don’t see it as helping others, because we are all equal. For me it’s sharing the blessings amongst fellow Muslims and human beings. One person can bring such a change, be that one…


HR Manager by day, food blogger by night. I started blogging about 3 years ago as a hobby. I absolutely love writing and it was such a great way for me to release my creativity through words.

Aside from that, giving back to the less fortunate people of this world is a very important part of my life. As a British Pakistani, I feel a sense of responsibility to all less fortunate Muslims, but especially the people of Pakistan.

Education is extremely important in those parts fo the world and my aim is to always use my social platform, however small to better the future of the world in any way possible.

Foodies By Fate

We started foodiesbyfate because of one simple reason. We LOVE food! From our favourite spots to small quirky places we find along our journey, we love to share our thoughts and feelings! We believe that everyone in the world should be able to enjoy food like we do.

We want to help in any way we can to share the gift of food and love, insha Allah. Small contributions lead to big changes and it is easy to forget what is happening in the world within our busy lifestyles. Let's make a difference!

Halal Hangouts

Halal Hangouts is the go-to place for the Halal foodie. Based in the diverse and cosmopolitan city of London, we bring you our food adventures from all over the UK. Our mission is simple: raise awareness of Halal food and share with you the most delicious content that will make your mouth water. Watch out for our restaurant reviews, features, recipes, and much more. Bismillah, let’s eat!


Hey this is Irem, a 24 year old professional with an obsession for food!

Constantly on the hunt for the best halal places in and around Manchester. Believe it or not I’m know as “The foodie” between my friends who are always ask for my recommendations on places to eat; hence the birth of my insta food page @halalmcr, which I absolutely love!

I’m delighted to be working alongside Salam Charity: providing aid for civilians of war stricken countries. There is suffering in the world and I truly believe it’s our duty as humans to help those in need; and what better time than the holy month of Ramadan.

Kitchen Diaries By Zubda

I am Zubda from London. I have 3 kids and I've always wanted to familiarise my kids with Pakistani food. That was the main reason to start taking an interest in cooking. Now I'm trying my best to mix both eastern and western cultural cuisines. Since I've been cooking professionally, my passion motivated me to share my recipes to people who love cooking and food.

Having motherhood emotions and being soft hearted, I wanted to help those kids who go hungry. Salam Charity gave me an opportunity to help underprivileged families. I am glad to work with them.

Lily K

Hi! My name is Lili, I'm a full time teacher and part time food blogger. I started my page @foodographyldn 5 years ago to share my love of food, photography and being a Londoner. Whilst I continue to explore new eateries and promote the halal food scene, I’m starting to use my platform more to collaborate with different charity organisations. Campaigns like Salam Charity work tirelessly to serve humanity by trying to eradicate poverty and justice, a noble cause I want to be a part of.


I'm Mariyam, aka The Pakistani Foodie on Instagram. I’m 27 years old and originally from Wales now living in Manchester. I have had a passion for food from a very young age and always thought Pakistani food needed more recognition.

Alhumdulilah it has gone from strength to strength, so many people use my recipes and I have had some amazing feedback! I truly believe now is the right time to give something back to the community and when is a better time than Ramadan? I’m so excited to be taking part in such an amazing cause & have so many ideas!

Nadim Al-Maktari

I’m a dutch born Yemeni who’s been brought up in London since the age of 3. I get branded by a lot of people as an influencer or YouTuber because of the supporter base I’ve been able to gain through the past year, which I am very grateful for Alhamdulilah, but I like to see myself as a normal guy who just makes videos with his siblings sometimes.

I’ve been wanting to do charity work for a few years now and having this platform has just boosted my desire to help. Sadly I have never managed to actually sign up and start it but taking this gap year this year has helped me to be able to network and meet new people.

Two of whom have introduced me to this amazing charity known as Salam Charity! I’m happy to align with Salam Charity as they have been able to focus a lot of their campaigns on countries who are in a big need for help, one of them being my home country which is on the brink of the World’s worst famine in over 100 years.

To be able to help my own country, is a privilege. I am grateful to be a part of this charity and hope for only successful campaigns with them, inshallah!

Petal's Kitchen

It's Anisa B. Some of you may know me better as @petals_kitchen! I'll start by telling you guys a little about me…

I'm a full time working mother of 4 to some very fussy eaters! A vegetarian, a meat lover and a boy who requires a strict gluten free diet! I have always enjoyed cooking and the 'me time' that came with it. I started an instagram account with my baking pictures back in 2016 but then started posting a few recipes and people were really enjoying recreating the same meal and asked for more recipes and so from then on @petals_kitchen began!

A lot of my followers find my page helpful as I post step by step pictures and most of my followers are new to cooking. My mother & mother in law are my biggest inspirations as I learnt to cook from the best I am absolutely honoured to be a representative of Salam Charity & working alongside Waffle Up.

Rahima Eatally

A fun loving mother of one, who enjoys travelling, eating out, cooking and reviewing!

I started my page in 2010 just to showcase all the different food I come across until I realised I could help people decide whether an establishment is worth spending your money on. I didn't start cooking until I got married in 2013 and I am still learning. I'm very happy to be a part Salam charity as I believe we should all give something, whether it's your time, money or effort.

May Allah accept all our good deeds especially those deeds that help the less fortunate.


My name is Shakie.

I’m a mother of three, a homemaker, wife and constantly busy. Looking after the family, preparing food and meals, spending time with friends and neighbours. I’m following a healthy active lifestyle, which includes healthy eating and going to the gym. I’m inspired to do more to help other as I value the help and support I get.

I’m thankful for the food and all the good things I am fortunate to have. I believe in sharing and giving and helping others.

Uzair Shafique

Born in Oslo, Norway, Uzair has inspired thousands with his extraordinary journey through weight loss and unwavering commitment to charity.

A fitness enthusiast, he has taken on some tough challenges including Mount Snowdon and the Oslo Half Marathon.

"I love doing charity work and Insha Allah I want to support Salam projects to make sure that we can provide a better future for thousands of people living in poverty today."