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Street Smart

Rohingya educational programs

As refugees continue to flood into the already overcrowded camps in Cox’s Bazaar, we are left wondering what is going to happen to the thousands of children who were born in the camps themselves. Will they have to endure the hardships and suffering that their parents went through to get them here? Will they be able to live a life free of poverty and confidently grow to adulthood?

There are an estimated 10,000 children that were born in the camps and they know no other life than this. This is what they were born into and unless we do something to make a real change, this is what they will continue to live in.

Education, Education, Education…

We have identified lack of education as one of the key factors keeping children in the grips of poverty. We have responded by researching the ideal methods of education programming and the social and economic state of children in the camp. In certain cases, children as young as 6 years old are the main bread winner of the family, providing food and support to their entire households.

We can’t stress enough the importance of education: it is through education that we can empower people, and help them break out of poverty once and for all. That’s why we have created an education program to give access to children who cannot attend school. Our programs teach basic literacy and numeracy to children between the ages of 5-11. All classes are held in the evenings to allow children to continue working if they need to, and food is also provided to the children who attend.

What it costs…

We have broken down the costs so you can easily see what is needed to run the schools per month. Please give what you can, and together we can make sure that the children of the camps can lead themselves out of poverty through education.

2 teachers
School equipment

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