Somalia Mobile Bakery Appeal

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£50 could feed a family for a whole month

£100 could provide 3 families for a whole month

£300 could provide a 8 families for a whole month

Somalia Appeal

Somalia Mobile Bakery Appeal

Millions of people in Somalia are on the brink of starvation

More than half the population of Somalia – 6.2 million people - are now in urgent need of humanitarian assistance and acute malnutrition is a major public health emergency threatening the lives of over a million children.

Failed rains have destroyed crops and livestock, resulting in severe drought, leaving communities without food or income, while rising prices for even basic commodities are pushing the poorest families deeply into debt. Communities are being forced to sell their assets and borrow food and money to survive.

There is also a lack of access to basic health services. Many may die this year and maternal mortality rates already rank among the highest in the world. The situation is also worsening because of the influx of refugees fleeing violence in Yemen and critical support is needed now.

What we are doing to help

Salam Charity with Turkish Red Crescent are now delivering mobile bakery which is making a strong impact on the local and remote communities in Somalia. You too can make a difference by supporting our mobile bakeries.

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