Gaza Olive Tree Project

Olive trees live for hundreds of years and can generate income for generations to come.

Street Smart

Please give what you can, and together we can make sure that the children of the camps can lead themselves out of poverty through education.

Winter Emergency Appeal

Save a life this winter. Please help Syrian and Palestinian refugees make it through this harsh winter


Donate your zakat here today and we will make sure to deliver 100% of your donations to those who need it most

Yemen Emergency Appeal

As the war intensifies, it's the civilians who suffer the most. Help the people of Yemen today.

Wishing Wells Water Appeal

An estimated 800 million people don’t have access to clean water. Give the gift of life.

Shifa Clinic

Shifa: A clinic for the people

Palestine Emergency Appeal

The people of Palestine are desperate and need our help — now.

Home Sweet Home Shelter Appeal

We're providing temporary and permanent shelters to those who have been hit hard by war, famine and poverty.

Feel Good Food Appeal

780 million people in the world live on less than £1.40 a day. Hunger is a constant worry. Do something today.

Medina Square Appeal

This ambitious project in Bangladesh is designed to lift an entire community out of poverty. Find out more…

Indonesia Tsunami Appeal

Indonesia has been devastated by natural disasters during 2018, with numerous earthquakes causing huge tsunamis and devastating almost 2 million lives.

Rohingya Appeal

Rohingya Appeal

Help us build shelters, water facilities, health care facilities for the refugees.

Harris J Visits Shahid Afridi in Pakistan

Pakistan Children

We are providing education and giving hope to thousands of children in Pakistan. Donate now.

syrian refugee

Syrian Refugees

Support the forgotten refugees of Syria with urgent life saving aid

somalia mobile bakery

Somalia Mobile Bakery Appeal

Bread is all it takes between survival and death. Support our ongoing mobile bakery