Sheffield Fun Run 2020

Gaza Olive Tree Project Appeal



In Good Hands: An Introduction To The Art Of Henna

16th February - 5th April 2020 (7 dates)

Across the UK

Tap into your creative side and learn the basic principles of applying henna. Acquire new skills as our experts in 6 different cities share their hints, tips and knowledge to get you started.

Get Ramadan Ready

14th March to 29th March 2020 (6 events)

Blackburn, Bradford, Derby, Leicester, Harrow & Slough

Preparing your mind, body and soul. 5 workshops across the UK consisting of motivational talks, reminders and guidance. Sharing hints, tips, and spiritual blessings in preparation for the month of Ramadan, delivered by Asma Sheikh

Come Iftar With Me

Ramadan 2020

Throughout the UK

Join hundreds of people as they gather in homes, schools, offices, universities and mosques to host Iftars and help families living below the poverty line.